Shared Games Launcher

for your LAN game center

Reduce games licensing expenses

Over 3,500 games: Valve Steam integration

Platform: cloud web app + Windows/PC

How it works

There is no need to purchase a game license for every PC. Instead, license max number of the game players at the same time. Keep licenses in the cloud and deliver one to a PC when the game starts.

Check an example

You have 30 PCs in your LAN game center, and a game license cost $19.90.

You observe that there are no more than 10 players at any same time, playing this game.

Buying only 20 licenses, instead of 30, will save you $199!

...and that’s just for one game. You save on every game in your club.

Quick start tutorial

Sign up to Valve Steam, purchase one or more games for your account. Ideally, you stick to one Steam account - one game, you can accomplish this by purchasing games from one Steam account and sending them as gifts to the others.

Recommended: Open Steam, main menu > Steam > Settings, “Manage guard account security”, disable “Steam Guard”.

Download and install Sokyra on the same PC where you have Steam installed. Run Sokyra, register with your email/password, then log in. You will get the list of Steam games installed on this PC.

Open Sokyra > Settings. Add your Steam accounts. For every account select the games that belong to it. Account information is saved to the cloud and accessible on any other PC where you log in with the same Sokyra login/password.

Click on any game on the main screen to start it. Sokyra will start Steam and load the corresponding game. You can see your account reservations and cancel them here: Sokyra control panel

Ready to start?